Biomechanik meets Mechatronik

The cooperation of the research focuses biomechanics and the mechatronics result in new research possibilities and development potentials. Two aims can be emphasized: The integration of the development of mechatronical systems into the biomechanical research leads to the problem specific adaption of measurement and calculation methods, which will be improved and developed. Further on there are new application areas caused by the combination of mechatronics and biomechanics. The development of smart biomechatronical products leads, for example to innovative solutions in the area of medical rehabilitation. Besides, the support of the recovering of motor skills new processes of mechatronic systems are developed for the objective control of therapy and the increase of the patient’s motivation.

The Team

  Marc Neumann
  IC 1 / 179

  Christian Sure
  IBN 01 / 54

  Robin Remus
  IC 1 / 177

  Eike Uttich
  IC 1 / 177

  Frederike Kossack
  IC 1 / 51

  Sascha Selkmann
  IC 1 / 175