Term and Final Paper

The Chair of Product Development offers students the opportunity to write scientific papers in the research areas of the Chair.
Scientific papers include final theses (Bachelor's and Master's theses) as well as course-related papers (seminar papers, project papers, case studies).
Most topics can be individually adapted to the scope prescribed by the respective examination regulations.

Current Announcements

There are announcments of the current invitations to tender in the showcase on the corridor IC 1 NORD. Topics can be requested from the staff of the individual research areas or suggested on your own initiative.
Below is a link to a Moodle course in which the theses currently advertised by the staff can be found. The name of the course is: "LPE Final Theses" (Course ID: 19393-WiSe18/19). All students can register there and apply for the advertisements.

Link zum Moodle-Kurs

For more detailed information on work in the subject areas Biomechanics, Industrial Property and Instationary Gas Dynamics of the vehicle engine, please contact the respective lecturers or their staff directly.