Among other things innovative systems stand out because of their number of mechatronic components. These, on the one hand lead to product functions with a high degree of complexity (multifunctional products). On the other hand, they require a new understanding of products due to growing degree of integrated services and with that a special challenge for the development process.

Our aim of research is to develop “course of action” models, methods and derived from that IT-tools as well as their potential for the industrial experience in concrete product development processes.
Here we attach a certain value on finding solutions which can be used during the concept phase to insure the economic value of the product.

The aim of education is the apprenticeship of “creative problem solvers”, who can analyze complex types of problems which extend beyond their subject area and develop new products. Therefore, we teach our students well founded facts and methods as well as we train interdisciplinary cooperation . This way should enforce the interdisciplinary work of an engineer in science and industry.

Our work is based on interdisciplinary cooperation. The cooperation of scientific assistants at the chair as well as bringing together students of the subject areas machine engineering, Sales Engineering and applied computer science carry out this cooperation.

Based on these aims, the chair strives for cooperations for practical oriented research and early inclusion of students and graduates into scientific and industrial types of problems.